Logged out of Tripeaks and can't get back in

One of my club members accidentally hit a button to create a new account and now cannot login to her old account.vvShe plays on a Kindle and does not have a Facebook account. Anyone have thoughts on how she can log back in? I am Club leader and she still shoes up as a member, so her accohhnt is active.

Thanks in advance.


I would think the only way to create a new account would be to use Facebook or Apple ID? If they don’t have Facebook did it give them an option to use Apple ID then, even though it’s not an Apple device? Are they able to go to MENU [top left] then ACCOUNT to see if they can log out? If no way to log out, maybe suggest they contact support: solitairetripeakssupport@gsngames.com via that device.

As an FYI, using Facebook/Apple ID saves the game"s progress and data so you don’t lose anything, should the device is no longer supported or unusable and are playing on a new/replacement device. Otherwise you start back from the beginning.

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Hello this happened to me, I contacted tripeaks and explained and they said I needed to create a new f/book acct and then when I had done that, to tell them the new acct email and they would connect it to her acct. At least you know where it is and can tell them, name and what club it is in, I did it and it worked and I got back my old acct.


And they don’t care, I had basically the same problem and they said oh well, and took my $300.00 I paid for coins and bonuses.

Didn’t work for me, so I called my credit card

The same thing happened to me. I got a message about connecting to Facebook, I was connected so I thought it had just disconnected. When I did that it connected me to a new account and I had nothing. My leader told me I was still on the game. I tried all the advice as well as contacting them but it depends on who gets your query.
Nothing worked, so I asked the leader to remove me, and tell the team what was happening because I am a co-leader and I just worked through the game until I got to the level when I could join a club and I rejoined my club. I played it for two years, I kept asking on and off, put it on the forum etc but nothing worked, until one day I got a message to connect to Facebook, I was a bit hesitant but I did, mainly because my original account was paying 3000 coins and the same thing happened, this new account I was working through that I was on 600 days reset back to my original, so I was able to rejoin my club and remove the other one which is floating in cyberspace somewhere.
So now I am working on my original account, getting 3000 coins per friend but I am only on about 100 days

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Thanks for responding!! Same thing happened to my teammate. She got tired of waiting, not getggjng much help from tech support, so she opened a new account, joined a stone level club, i deleted her from the club, i invited her back to to our Platinum level club. She lost about 300k points, so i will give her time to build up some coins. She is a great club member and do not want go lose her.

Same thing just happened to me- feel like quitting the game -lost over 10 mill- the original game is still on my iPhone which is to hard for me to play on- still waiting for an answer from tech. Feel like they tricked me with the log into Facebook or Apple ID- I also did not know that would wipe my iPad game out and download to a new game from the beginning- what a scam! I’m :rage:

How do you log out of a game? I got a new phone but after transferring data/ apps, my solitaire game is at 1,000 instead of 1.4 million. I’ve gone to at&t and did transfer 4 or 5 times. what am i missing? I have just uninstalled FB because it won’t recognize when i try to sign in using the FB sign in! please help!!

Go to MENU and then ACCOUNTS and log in to whatever FB account you were using previously.

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