Locked out since the update?

One of our members has been locked out since the reset on Thursday night. She had an iPhone update and can’t load the game since updating. Emails have been ignored. Anyone else having issues with loading the game or lack of response to emails?


It was actually GSN’s update as I am the member locked out. I am on the most recent iOS update, but it was long before GSN’s update.

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One member in our club has been having issues since yesterday, she keeps getting game is not responding error. It’s not her wifi as she was in 2 areas with different wifi. Multiple uninstall and reinstalling she did manage to get on for a small bit only to get the error again. She emailed support as obviously not able to load the game she cannot go though the help option her device is android

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It’s not our WiFi either as it is at the highest level offered by our supplier. It wouldn’t work at my son’s either and he spends lots on technology! I think it is very rude not to even get a response from GSN’s support!


The downside of direct emailing support is it’s not an actual ticket through the help on the game, It can take a few days for them to sort through the emails and it looks like there will be alot as there are many that are experiencing the same issue, there is that possibility that they may have responded, have you checked your spam folder?

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They must have big time troubles going on, but I don’t understand why it is some and not all if their software isn’t working! I just updated EVERYTHING I could by syncing through iTunes with my phone, mini, and my watch. I force pulled down my “updates” screen and their new update showed up - I had 4.6.0 and this was 4.6.2. Above the icon it said “pending” though - have never seen that with any update from any app before!!! I did update, but to no avail! I’m frustrated!!! Sure letting my team down!!!

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I know it wierd my team mate has android and she still can’t get on. I am on android I updated and I have had no issues other than the quests not loading properly. I wish I were more tech savvy, and I do hope the fix it asap!

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Ive been locked out of my club as well im sure there gonna get rid of me soon if i cant log back in. Its so frustrating

Email them at solitairetripeaks support@gsn. Com in subject line put support request
I did this this morning and within an hour I had a reply with a ticket number.

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We have 3 players with big issues as well… their’s started about 2 weeks ago though. One member even went and bought a new device and still has the same problems… multiple emails and help requests are either not helpful or ignored…
What the heck is going on? BTW they all have different devices so it is not device specific either.

I have been locked out for months! I just decided to delete the game. Support did not help at all. They just wanted me to start all over with a new username. And they weren’t willing to reinstate what I had already earned :woman_shrugging:t5:

Since the iPhone update I have not been able to play the game on my phone. I contacted the tiki people and followed their instructions ( log out of fb delete the app reinstall the app and log into fb. Perhaps the mistake was I didn’t delete the fb app. Fortunately the game works on the tablet boo hiss🙀

My progress was saved, such a relief because the phone game was square one! The phone is much easier to use, perhaps I’ll try again. Buying my little boxes for my teammates is just a bit harder

i am unable to open my game now as well if i uninstall then reinstall do i lose my progress my club and my purchases??? i have android and have been going crazy all day trying to load gamw

So long as you are connected to FB fir your game your progress is saved.

A ticket number… but that is not a resolution