Locked out of my club

I’m in a tough spot at the moment. My phone broke and I didn’t have my progress saved, so I had to start all over with the game. What socks the most though is that I can’t get back into my old club because my last account is still a member, making the club full. It’s really frustrating that I can’t message anyone from my club to explain what happened. All I can do is hope one of them will notice that I have the same unique name and that I’ve friended all of them :confused:


I’m sure after a while, assuming your club is an active one, your old account will be removed and you can rejoin.

On the bright side. Starting over might not be a bad thing. My phone too busted and while my account was saved, I decided to start a new one as I transitioned to a new device and I must admit it’s been fun starting from scratch knowing what I now know.

Even without friends center I had been hoovering up coins, and now I have the 1k 5 friends every 4 hours deal. In 11 days i have more coins than I had playing 4 months in my first go around. Im controlling my advancement very carefully and also as a random guest I’m enjoying moving from club to club every week and just trying out new quirky things without feeling the pressure to stick around.


Same thing happened to me.

If you sign back in Facebook for this app, you will get all of the items you had before

We have had this happen before in our club. I am the leader and I had to remove that member from the club so the game would get rid of the old account so the team member could rejoin. They were frustrated because they did lose their coins and stuff. It was the best solution at the time.