Life is Hard Sometimes

Sometimes life can be a lot. Through tragic events that people have gone through sometimes the only release is through gaming. My club is not just a club but a family who, even though they don’t know what has gone on in my life, they embrace us and find out what is going on. Since my 14 year olds tragic murder, I have been lost. Your game is helping me heal through being able to focus my mind elsewhere. It has gotten me through 2 years of homelessness and I’m slowly moving forward. When I use up all my coins for the day, I still have my friends to chat with. It’s been an amazing time, I just wish I had more play time and less thinking time sometimes. Thank you for being there for me @jocooter club and @solitairetripeaks when life is trying.


What an amazing post, you are so strong! Thank you for posting this, hugs from afar!


Thank you, just how I feel. Hugs!