Level difficulty changing

Is it just me but does the level difficulty seem to change from day to day? The lower levels seem to get more difficult and the range of difficulty changes from day to day. I guess I’m looking for a little more consistency to help me plan my week better. I’ve been trying to do the higher levels first then as the week progresses and quests get harder I try saving the lower levels but they seem just as hard and I struggle to collect my stars to not demote. What is a good strategy for getting enough stars and enough points to help my team


Iv noticed that also, thought it had to with the perk our team was on, but Iv about eliminated that, dutch fun club has an opining, were on perk 6 now tho, we have some rules, I’m the leader maybe I’ll see u if your interested.

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Play so much I could use a 30 * boosters 40 traps 50 volcanoes and still couldn’t complete the level is so hard


True that I could as well


I had a huge emergency a week and a half ago dropping from platinum to stone league. I thought I was gonna smoke the levels…I was way f*#$@ing wrong. As u can tell I’m upset about it. I’m still struggling. Some days it feels like I don’t know how to count