Level 585 Tiki Paradise Serenity Springs

I’ve got a club member at this point in the game and she said she can’t get by it because of a sparkling hammer. Does anyone know how to get past this?

The hammer will move when they release more levels I believe.


How often do they release levels?

Which level is this because I’m in serenity springs and I keep running into this foggy shyte and it wont let me pass it up not even to do the double treasure thingy so idk what you all are talking about please explain thanks so very much

I’m not at that level yet but Iv seen others post about the hammer…585 level
Hopefully you find help with your question. @KimmiP53

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Level 585 is currently the last level. Need to wait for the next 15 to be released

Not often enough! lol!

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I too have a Club mate who cannot advance because of a blockade or fog covering the volcano. What do you suggest?