Level 33 and 43

So it looks like my go to levels have been made harder (less cards) ? Any other levels that are your favorites?

yes i’ve had the same issue tri peaks are making it impossible to win games without using boosters or more coins. i think i will stop playing. they are taking the fun out of the game


It’s one thing to make new levels harder,it’s another to go back and make old levels harder. Very sad.

some of the level hardness depends on what perk your team is working, I would say…or maybe I’m just to addicted to notice…I don’t have a go to level, Iv made it to shipwreck shore and am content w these levels, I average 50000 coins or more a week and am good w that.

Agree with lvl 33 :(:expressionless:
Also lvl 68 on tide pool lagoon has been changed. The cards in the middle are differently placed from before.