"Let's just play"

“Lets’s just play” are a platinum team with a great core group of regular players. We are looking to find strong TEAM players who can score in excess of 3,500 daily and hit the ground running, to help us in our quest to move up into the next league.

We all like winning perks and gems, so playing daily and taking part in team goals is an absolute must!

We don’t have too many rules but you can find them on the club motto as well as in the club notes. Please read them before you join, to make sure you feel happy you can commit to them.

We do appreciate that life happens, so as long as you keep us informed, we will keep your place.

Thanks for your interest and hopefully we will see you on the team!

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We have now been newly promoted to the Diamond league and we have 1 space available for a strong player to help us stay there!