'Let's Just Play' - looking for team players

‘Let’s just play’ we are looking for a couple of reliable players who can score in the region of 30 - 40 k per event. We have a great core group of players but need to fill 2 places due to players leaving the game.

We don’t have too many rules all we ask is that you score in excess of 3500 per day, play as part of a TEAM giving notice if you will be over 24hrs idle. We will also need you to help with the team quests and ONLY enter the team competition if you are prepared to dig and win at least 14 spades. Full rules and digging notes can be found on the club notice board.

We always get perks 1 to 6 and 7 if it’s not too high a requirement. We know life happens and will take that into account as long as you let us know. We definately don’t appreciate players who make negative comments on chat about other players we are a team so sometimes we win and loose together

Thanks for your interest hope to see you on the team.

This leader is biased and unfair toward new people and thats why they always leave. So be warned,if you join, YOU will have to follow all the rules, max every quest, post 3,500 per day BUT,if you’re an “old timer” than you can blow off ALL the rules and coast off the backs of others for days on end, on every quest, every week.
She does not run a fair club and you will be doing ALL the work for her “favorites” to get the rewards for. It is one of the most biased clubs out there and she does not welcome anyone saying anything in chat at all to further others to help!
Its HER way or no way, not a team effort based club, you either win for the long time players to get rewards or find a new club. AVOID THIS ONE ! :-1:


Wow, I see I’m not the only one disgusted with this club. I’m not surprised to see her posting for new blood. Her members that she considers loyal (those who have been in the club along time) will stay because they don’t have to do anything and yet get all the rewards from the work of others. Its a sweet deal for them, not so much for fairly new or brand new joins. This leader, Anne, is entirely UNFAIR to good people who put all the work in. Period.

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I can assure you that this is not the case at all. Yes we are supportive to players when needed, life happens. It’s not a one strike and you’re out kind of team and I make no apology for that. Shame you just left vicious comments towards other players on chat and left without a response.

Been there,did that. Be a team player, run a fair club or no thanks

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I was in your club months ago and you MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT RUN A FAIR CLUB AT ALL.
I thought this club name was familiar but I see you Anne and I can confirm that these people are correct about what is being said. I can imagine nasty comments being said, I had some things to say whn I left also because it was ridiculous the way you treat some people like gold, others like crap.
Own up to your own actions

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Don’t bother with this lady, she is the worst and I won’t be anonymous or mince my words. You do not run a fair club, you practice nothing but favoritism and bias!
Not the best idea having a post for new members on full display when anyone who knows how it is in your club will have something to say to warn other players, she is the worst.
The club is solely dedicated to a select few who gain it all from the hard work of others and its simply outrageous.
I truly advise good solid hardworking players to avoid this club/leader

If you still have room, I do 50 to 60k per week. I enjoy the game! I left my last team after giving tons of coins and boosters. leader was upset that I didn’t want to play Club Competition without Golden ttiki. I only suggested it because I was playing hard and noticed everyone was stopping at 10 to 15 shovels?

Nothing changes here,ever. How many of your besties and favorites are hitting your 30-40k requirement? This club is so mismanaged and unfair to the hardest workers.
If you want to work your butt off for people like, lets say “Jamelia” for example of the 101 excuses, one for every week, every day and its totally fine because shes old in the club, just gets all the rewards and perks for doing next to nothing and I would not use my coins, boosters, time and work to award people who are just bottom feeders!
This club is fine if you don’t mind carrying half the team that slacks endlessly but if you’re new, you will be booted fast if you don’t do everything but stand on your head! :triumph: :-1: :-1: :-1: