'Let's Just Play' - looking for reliable players again!

We are an active platinum team looking for players who love to play. We have a great core group of regular players and are looking to recruit some like minded players to compliment the existing team.

We don’t have too many rules all we ask is that you score 1k on joining and then a minimum of 3500 daily, complete team quests, (tribute quests are a must), let us know on chat if you will be idle over 24 hours.

Full rules can be found on the club notice board. We complete perks in order 123645 and usually have 6 finished by late Sunday/early.

** We are currently in the process of rebuilding the team due to players who were unable to commit to club requirements after lock down easing. Might be good if a club is in a similar situation and a few players want to move together.

I’m interested in playing with your club

Hi thats great, send me a request to join and once we have an opening I can let you know.

Thanks for your interest

We have 2 openings this week must be team players

We have another opening this week, looking for a Team Player, rules on notice board and motto.