'Let's Just Play' - looking for reliable daily team player

We are a long standing platinum team looking to recruit a committed daily player who ideally scores on average 40k a week, (although daily min is only 3500 daily /24500 weekly). We usually complete all 7 perks unless 7 is a very high requirement and generally finish perk 6 by Sunday evening.

We need a player who will give their all to help with team quests, perks etc. let us know if you will be 24hr idle or any difficulties with play. You also need to be a great communicator using and responding to chat as we use this in the team competition. We don’t expect you to enter if you choose not to, but if you do, you Must dig with the rest of the team! no free rides.

** We are still looking for 2 players who will join in with Team play and respond to chat. We regularly have quests that involve collecting tributes so that is a must when required!

Send a request to join or we will revert to public after new event starts.


We have a couple of places available this week