'Lets just play' - looking for regular players

We are a established platinum team, sitting somewhere inbetween casual and ambitious. We are looking to replace 2-3 players who we lost this week to more ambitious teams.

If you are a reliable daily player and can score in excess of 25k a week, come and check us out.

Our main requirements are to respond to chat, score 3500+ daily /24,500+ weekly, complete team quests, tribute play as required (no set amount), notice if over 24 hr idle. We know life happens and will keep your place as long as you advise us there is an issue. We always get perks 1 to 6 each week and 7 when the amount us not too excessive. Set to invite only at the present time as we only want genuine players, so send us a request, we will reset to public tomorrow.

Hope to see you on the team!