'Let's Just Play' - looking for daily Team players

We are an upper ranked platinum team and regularly rank in the top 5 places in this league. We were promoted to diamond and due to being demoted lost a couple of strong players.

We are really looking to recruit team players who can score 30 to 40k per week as a min, although our club requirements ask for 24.5k per week.

We don’t have too many rules but do expect you to read and respond to chat, complete team quests, exceed daily min to help with perks, give notice if over 24hrs idle or difficulties with play (we know life happens) only compete in club competition if you are prepared to dig! Tributes are only a requirement for tribute trapper quest or to cool the volcano.

Our perk order is 123654S we are set to public at the moment but will revert to invite only later on during the week.

Look forward to playing with you if you think we would be a good fit.

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How do you revert to invite only? Our club is talking about doing that.
Thank you, Duggie

Your leader can go into your club and hit the manage button. The option is there to choose public or invite only.