'Let's just play' - Help wanted!

We are a platinum team with a great core group of regular players. We are looking for a strong Team player/s who can join us to complete perks, team quests etc. We always complete perks 1-6 and 7 when the score requirement is not too high.

You must be able to score 3,500+ daily, respond to and use chat to give notice of 24 hrs+ idle, or any difficulties with play. Life happens, however, we are only successful if we play as a team!!

Expect chat to be busy on competition days, but there is no pressure to take part. We’d rather you didn’t if you’re not going to compete.

If we sound like a fit for you, send me a request otherwise we will go to public after perk reset.

Look forward to seeing you on the team!


We have room for an additional player this week please check us out.