Lets Have Fun Recruitment

We are looking for a few casual players. We usually get the first four chests and get close to the fifth. Our only requirement is that you must play at least once every 4 days. Come visit us and stay awhile!

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I have just up my own club tonight as I was sick of getting kicked off them for not chatting!! If I don’t get players to join me over the next 24hrs, I will head your way.

Shelleys Stars needs recruits please. I can make the 1st couple of requests co-leaders or admin x


Can I join? I’m an active daily player.

I am so sorry I didn’t get back to you Erica - I must have missed the notification. I gave up in the end & I am currently a menber of gone fishin wjere its hit & miss if pepple do the quests / unlocl proze but at least they don’t rove me if I dobt go on for 24hrs! Did ypu find a club?