Learn to Lead your own Club!

Learn to be Leader or Co-Leader of a Club! I’ve just taken over a Zombie club and have decided to transform it into a training Club for developing Leaders for the next 3 Tournament weeks beginning March 20.

Club is Tiki Pirates (Rookie League) so join now or request an invite for Friday when the Club will become invitation only and training will begin.

You do not have to be a current Leader or Co-Leader to join, or even an expert game player. However you must be willing, trainable, encouraging, able to commit to daily play, minimum production of 2000 points daily, responsive to challenges, and capable of giving one Club Gift per Tournament week for 3 consecutive weeks.

We will cover developing new recruits into productive players, how to prospect for players, transforming zombie clubs into top flight competitors, Team motivation and recognition, and much more.

You will learn by doing how to take a Team from Rookie to Platinum in 4 weeks, as I have already done with four other Teams.

So join Tiki Pirates today or request your invitation to join for Friday’s Tournament launch without delay!

when you say capable of giving one Club Gift per Tournament week, do you mean paying real cash for Gifts?? I do not believe that paying real money is necessary in this game.

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I generally agree with you, however I believe it important to provide training on the topic for potential Leaders so they can structure their Club as they see fit.