I would like to take away the word guests for new players! I would like GSN to have them insert a game named for themselves right away! I get rid of good players because they refuse to listen to the chats look at them read them Etc usually because they refused to read the chats obey the rules, communicate, my rule for the club is no guests allowed, rename yourself or be removed!

2 the second thing I would like to have as leader, is a way to get the attention of an individual player that does not use the chat! I have lost good players because they’re tired of seeing it and the way it’s set up distracts them from their game because they do pay attention to the chats. That happens to me as well therefore I find myself also ignoring the chats as a leader! This is no good!

3 I would have stayed and Steve kolar’s group if the chats hadn’t taken over my game and caused me to lose money and the game. The banners and the dings constantly going off or distracted in the messenger. I had to get out of the groups due to this. The banner that puts a message over your game covers up your gameplay and pieces this is no good! Therefore I got out of the groups and I cannot find or reentered the group that had Angel Morrow and several other administrators in it for solitaire TriPeaks that has the rewards and boosters in it for all of us players! I sent out several requests for help and it looks like things have been removed or closed on my timeline where I had put several of these for my teammates and they are all gone now. Have I been banned without being told? I did I do something wrong?

I sent a message to several people but Angel Morrow has disappeared from my messengers as well with no answer to my request for help.


@KAGO. I really didn’t understand a lot of what you were saying. We are players helping players, so a lot of us probably want many of the things you do. I was curious about you being banned. Was it from a club or the game?

Yes this really works my nerves! You look down your list of members and there may be 2 to 3 people named guest