I was in gold league on leaderboard but did not make it above the promotion line the minimum payout shows 25,000 BUT I only received 9600 and 2600 in coins…why? This is the 2nd time that this exact thing has happened. Why show minimum as 25,000 when you dont get it?? Anyone know about this that can explain???

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I would contact tri peaks and let them know and make sure and all so take a picture and send it tri peaks

Thank you for the advice will do just that as EVERYONE ELSE in my club had same issues!

I had not thought of picture taking! Thank you!! :slight_smile:


I didn’t get the double pay out last time. I have contacted tripeaks on similar issues and nothing is ever done…

The payout is already doubled. If it shows 20k, that is what it is. Not 40k. It normally would’ve been 10k. Is that why you think you didn’t get the double? Sorry if I am misunderstanding. I had a teammate who thought the same.

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Please…everyone…or anyone having Technical Difficulties

If you are not getting paid in coins or gems, etc

Submit a ticket to the Solitaire Tripeaks Help Desk.

Go to the Menu , Help, Contact Us…

They will
) email you with a ticket number
2) they will let you know their process-researching issues
3) they will find out if you received - or did not and depending on the game rules, they will
Manage accordingly.

I know this firsthand because I have submitted tickets and they corrected my payouts.

May I suggest as well- under the Menu button, in upper left corner is the MENU,
CLICK ON THE Help and Guide buttons-

It does explain the payouts,

And yes, the help desk will explain it too.

The helpdesk DOES NOT SEE, NOR CAN THEY RESPOND to this forum nor Facebook.

I hope this helps you and anyone who is having the same problem.


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You can send them a message but unless you actually have a screen shot or some type of proof, they won’t do a thing.

The screen shot helps speed the process of getting items reimbursed, it does not determine if you get your items or not. Support can look into each players account and see if coins or boosters have been added or not and that determines weather they send the items to your inbox or not.

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My problem about incorrect payout was corrected by helpdesk


Submit a ticket. Click on Menu in upper left corner, click on Help, scroll to the bottom and click on Contact Us. A 3question form will drop down (takes a minute or less to do this). The help desk will respond by email with a ticket number and will research your issue and then pay accordingly to what they discover in your payout loss.

This is the only way that the Helpdeak knows that u have this problem because they don’t read Facebook— it’s a ticketing process.

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Thank you so much for your kindness in explaining this, I will check it out today. I send my messages through the forum so now know why I am not getting any answers.


This is not the place to be addressing this question.

I am going to lead you to the Helpdesk…of Solitaire Tripeaks.

You see, The Helpdesk is the only place that can research any issues that you are having in the game 2) Unless you create a ticket, they will not know that you have this problem.

Help Desk of Tripeaks is found by doing the following:

  1. Upper Left Corner - Click on Menu

  2. a page will pop up, and click on the Help Link

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, where it says, Contact us and fill out the form. (3-4 questions)

  4. A form will drop down and you will put your Facebook email address, name, and let them know when and what you believe your loss is.

  5. The Helpdesk will send you an email – PLEASE CHECK ON EMAIL DAILY = once you do create the ticket. This email will have the Ticket #that they have created and they will let you know that they will research the issue and get back to you in an expected # of hours.

  6. Upon the Helpdesk’s Research, they will let you know what they found.
    If you do have a reward coming, you will then open your inbox in the game to locate it there.

Lastly, If you have a dead link or if your game freezes, let them know. Follow the same process. When we pay for a game in coins and your game freezes that is a loss in the cost of the game.

In the future, any questions about this game where you are having issues, I would definitely send in a ticket.

I am a daily player. Good luck with the game.

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Thank you so much for the info about submitting a ticket!!! Wow, now that was some GOOD HELP!! I will do just that in the future!

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My team had a delayed payout when gold team.