Leader Reward Options

As a leader, I would love the option to share some of my coins or gems to my players as a reward.

I’d like to reward Top 3, or Best improved, or most Tributes…different reasons.

Can you please add that ability for leadership?


I like this idea too. ESP. About the top three being rewarded!


Sounds Great :+1: I love this

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Yes I would like help with coins.

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Yes this is a great idea, Iv seen it mentioned b4,
It would be a awesome way to keep players motivated also.

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I like this idea also, it should include co-leaders also!

i like the idea as well… i try to talk but doesn’t work…i try to get my group interested in the club challenge but have never got enough people to play…i use to give the top 3 a bump to co-owner however my chanell had me as owner and the rest as co-owner…so giving coins instead would be nice…

I’ve been leader on my Team, Tiki_scotland for almost 2 years. When you decided to give the Top 3 crowns and Leaders horns, it was said by TriPeaks that we would get rewards for that every week…but I have not seen or received anything! Please let me know why that’s not happening ???

Welcome to the forum @Tiki_scotland
And yes I remember the day they announced crowns for top 3 team players, there was a mention of gifts on certain weeks, I have not seen a bonus week yet. And they are over 50+ weeks into that
The best thing you can do is ask the developers threw the help in the game. As the forum is just players helping players :blush:
You can also submit feedback there, you can submit as many tickets as you like so feel free to voice your thoughts there, hopefully you get the true answers your looking for.
Best of luck to you!

So I did some digging and it looks like crowns will be the only thing issued for being in the top 3 of your team.
They have revised the help screen and this is what I found no mention of a prize bonus week only a crown .

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