Leader of CLUB BEAST

Been a club leader for about 2 years… and I have bought them members gifts I occasionally. Try to chat with them…
Not once out of all the people that have joined
Has anybody even replied back. Constantly deleting Idle members. Try to tell members what would help. But my club is still ranked 5,000 something. What am I doing wrong and how do I recruit active members.

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I don’t think it’s you :blush::blush::blush:

I would set it to invite only and then you can control who comes in. Send out invites looking for players in clubs than have few active players or zero perks earned.

We sometimes get members that just don’t chat…and we chat a lot LOL

Wishing you the best of luck :blush::blush::blush::blush:

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Thanks girlfriend!!!

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You’re welcome if you have any more questions I might be able to help…

Good luck :blush::blush::blush::blush:

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Yes ma’am! Take care