Leader Group Management

Leaders should be able to move members to desired perks. We struggle with everyone being on the same page in our group. Especially with bonus perk 7. It’s difficult to finish perks when everyone is spread out. This would help tremendously.


My team uses chat and puts the perk number in the motto, of course players have to read those to figure it out. I don’t really see how those little dots can be there and you not click on them tho…
So, I can see the benefit of moving those who need it. I guess another option is that you can always remove them for not follow club rules.:grimacing:


I include the Club Rules & Perk Order on the Clubhouse Board. Somehow, some members do not see either. I will post reminders on the chat board to no prevail. Also in our team FB page. It’s frustrating. Especially if they’re good contributors. The sad thing is we went back to normal perk order (1, 2, 3… etc) because we couldn’t get everyone on the same page & I still have issues with others working random perks by themselves. It’s easy getting new members but difficult to know if they will be a solution or a continued frustration. I have to remind myself it’s a game. Haha.


I would like to see something down with google translate in our chat. I spend a lot of time trying to translate their language to mine and vice versa.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this suggestion!!!

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There have been times where I will be on a level stop playing for a while and when I come back it has moved


We also experience the same difficulties on asking everyone to play the same perk. It would really benefit leaders and co’s to be able to move those who either don’t read chat or ignore chat.

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I require everyone to read motto and chat daily for changes. If they can’t/won’t/don’t. I remove them. It’s all about teamwork. I was told that it was harsh but team players only. The only ones I have issues with are newbies. Half read chat half don’t. I have noticed that when you tell someone in chat to switch perks and they don’t and then you boot, the others will switch pretty quickly.


I have heard some devices do not show chat. We have a player think new to clubs as lifetime club points are low. This player never responds to chat but otherwise plays great mid to top in earning points. Wish they would let us post team msg up with the rewards. They have 3 tabs now just add another for group messages.

Amen, Kristi! I think this should be an immediate option. Then we wouldn’t have to remove members from the team who never comply.

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I LOVE this suggestion too!!

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To take this a step further, why not add a leader option to set the club perk order and lock out individual choices? Would save the leader(s) from having to go in and manually change a bunch of people.


I love this idea. We have 2 new players that are really doing good but they are on a different perk

Supposedly a new feature is coming to allow leaders/co-leaders to set the order! I’m having a hard time with players not following chat and I’m having to boot them. Now I’ve reached a “limit” and cannot boot anyone, but I have no clue when it resets. The last person I booted was last night and I still cannot boot.

Wow, there’s a limit? I wonder if there is a club leader FAQ somewhere

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Oh, I thought that was what was happening. We have to change each person individually?

Create some additional way for leaders to post /chat with players and make the club rules - header larger - it doesn’t hold enough text

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