Leader Demotion

I took a break from tri peaks for a while and came back to a demoted title of “co-leader” instead of “leader”. Anyone else had this happen? If you’re idle for too long does the game automatically promote the most active player?

I believe if your absent 2weeks (after the warning they post to the team) , yes tripeaks gives it to someone else .

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Yes kindly have seen it before, I’m not sure how long it is but they do demote leaders if they haven’t logged in for some time

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TriPeaks shouldn’t just be giving Leader title away to anyone. If they must, then maybe not demote leader but instead ask team who they want as assistant leader, not co-leader, until original leader returns. What if leader was in hospital or had a death in family, comes back to find they are not leader anymore. Just adds to their stress or depression. Just my opinion


Makes sense to me! :heart::paw_prints:

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My understanding it hands the horns to the co-leader that has been in the club longest, and if no co-leader, then a member who has been in the club the longest.


It’s very uncomfortable for a team to be left without a leader for a long period. You needed be considerate and inform the team and make sure a new leader was designated while you were taking a break


If inactive for 2 weeks, Tripeaks passes the leader role to someone else on the team.

After 2 weeks team gets notification “your team leader has been inactive for 2 weeks” then after another 2 weeks, the computer generated a new leader and you become a member. So you actually have at least a month to sign in.

The new leader can a) accept the role or B)
Designate someone else as leader .

If you are a co leader, it is because the new leader designated you to that position.

You could ask her/him to give you back the team or start a new team. Hope this helps

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I am a team leader and I resent that this should happen ever for whatever length of time. I can’t find anyone in our team that wants to be a co-leader, so I am on everyday… Hopefully when I am done, I can handoff to someone easily

Not true, it’s only 14 days, happened to me

. AND This happened to me. I started this club, KIKIBIRD72. I would like to be back as a leader, how can I do this? The person that was designated as a leader hardly plays. And I play everyday with plenty of points. Can anyone help me?

Haven’t been able to play because my tablet is not working well. Goes in the shop on the 12th. Hopefully back playing in a week. I also hope not losing my co-leader space. Hope no one else has this problem.

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If they’d allow the play on a desktop or a laptop I don’t think this would be a problem. Its crazy they want you to log into FB, but they don’t want to allow you to play on FB.