Leader abilities

How about a way for the leader to reach players who haven’t figured out chat yet!


Hi Sandra - great suggestion - we’re looking into addressing this.

I agree that we need chat in the game


Yes! Like some kind of direct message would be amazing. We tried making a team Facebook page to communicate. It’s helped but they have to join which means they have to see it in the chat board. I also thought the FB page would help the group receive/give $3000 coins in friends tab, but you have to add them to your personal FB as well.


Remember back in the day you use to be able to hit a button and it would shake the persons screen? Sorta like the poke button but it actually shook your screen.


I’m sorry I missed that. Sounds like a good time.

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I like that idea. I must have not been playing when you could do that. That would be so cool :slight_smile: