Lazy River looking for players

I am looking for a few players who just want to have fun and play. No one really chats which I am ok with but sometimes I would like to know they have seen what I put in. Right now I don’t have any specifics and my team is doing pretty good. We are currently stone only had my team open for about 3 weeks. A would like people who will help open club gifts and occasionally play the digging contest

Sounds good! Invite me… look4good it’s there is my title

Hi it’s public just look for our team. I tried inviting but couldn’t figure out how to do it

I’m every day player. Changed phone lost gold team status . I’m excellent at tribute

I’m excellent at tribute talk to much lol. Got new phone lost my yram

It’s a public group I am not sure how to invite people

If you are looking for a team, play everyday, get club quests (cq), play the cc, not just qualify, open the cg, can bring in 12,000 coins and at least 50 tributes, you are welcome to join our awesome team Merry’s Misfits. We can use a few more player’s, we are friendly, we have a method to play cc, and it works! If you are interested, join us in Merry’s Misfits!

Did you locate a team we are still looking for people who play regularly we moved up to gold