Latest update question

Curious about latest update that prevents game play on more than one device at a time.
A friend on another team who plays off FB. His device died. Now with a new device he is absolutely not able to access his game…it is starting him brand new. He is still a member of his team so his game must be there in existence somewhere…however unable to access it for 4 days now. Had a couple million in coins many wilds and of course lost all this game time and perks/rewards…
Is this a result of the update? Will off FB gamers have to start over with every phone upgrade now?

Despite multiple emails GSN has been unable to resolve, btw.

My guess is that he never connected his account via Facebook. Or, he hasn’t yet connected his other device via Facebook yet, which is by far the better scenario for him. It’s really in everyone’s best interest to tie their account to their Facebook account. And if you’re not yet on Facebook but really love the game, it’s probably worth creating a Facebook account so that you never lose your progress. :slight_smile:


Yes, I totally agree…that should be a warning that GSN should put out now that that is the risk people have now who are not connected…


I had a co leader who bought a new phone and he wasn’t able to connect back to our club until he realized that the game was trying to connect to his old Facebook account. Check to see if he is using the same account he used before.

But, on a new device how do you sign in now to a non FB linked game?

@Tmjzcd Facebook stores the information about what apps are linked, on their servers. If you ever want to stop an app, you have to go into FB -> Settings -> Apps.