Latest update 4.7.1 major problems! help please!

Opened game and it showed I had to update. Clicked update and downloaded 4.7.1. Now the game won’t open and keeps repeating that I need to update game. I have closed the game and reopened and the same thing occurs. Any help will be appreciated!

Same here.
I’m frustrated, I was second in my league and now I can’t even log in

Mine too it won’t let me in the game at all and playstore said it updated 2 hours ago

I sent an email to TriPeaks support. Hopefully they will respond. Seems to be a wide spread and major problem.

Everyone, please try rebooting your device, and see if that works. It’s worked for a few people so far

I rebooted and then when to the FB coin link from today. Clicked on the coin link and it took me into the game with no problems.


Yay!!! That seems to be the answer so far!

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Miss Kathie can’t get on and it took me for ever to get on would all should get some thing for not able to play she won’t be able to get her quest or perks and loss her spot on the club member spot same with me

@Codydef22, you and Miss Kathie got booted from the club because the update had a glitch??

Really wow unreal not far at all we play hard to get all our quest

Still shows us in the club I got back on but she cant

Tell her to uninstall, reinstall, then reboot. Let us know if that works for her

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If she uninstall it won’t she loss ever thing I did that once befor had to start all over

Make sure first that she is signed into Facebook on the game. That assures her game data is saved on FB. I used to have to uninstall & reinstall almost everyday just to get ads to work. I never lost anything, even on the accounts that are not logged into FB

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She does not have fb doesnt like it maybe it will fix it self

Let me see if I can find something on it, But I believe even not signed into FB, you shouldn’t lose game data… unless you have to do a factory reset on your device.

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Ok thank you very much

Ok @Codydef22, this response from Solitaire TriPeaks was on the FB fan page, Miss Kitty shouldn’t loose any game data

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I removed another game to see if it worked lost all history please help she don’t want to loss all here history

@Codydef22 Different games are made by different software developers & companies, so programs (apps) aren’t all going to act or do the same thing. MANY players just using the app without being logged into their FB account in the game or simply playing as a guest have done this today & succeeded. It will work - just uninstall & reinstall the game, and as long as it is done on the same device, all your earnings & progress will remain as they were.