Known Club Hopers/Perk Hoppers

Pat here popped in a scored 21 points and left. This is a club hopper/perk snatcher. Time to name them and shame them in forum fir everyone to be aware!


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I can understand a hoper, but could you please tell me how she is a perk snatched. I don’t understand. Thank you

They come in, play a little, then collect that team’s earned perks and leave. On Thursdays, my team makes game “Invite Only” to keep out the perk thieves. TriPeaks should make it so you cannot get any perk you didn’t play toward. In other words, if you’re on a team that only has perks 1 & 2 and is working on 3, if you go to a Diamond team that has all 6, you will still only get perks 1,2 & 3. If you didn’t contribute to the others, you don’t receive rewards


I always delete repeat offenders. I let the team know they were jumpers. I find it rude and wonder why they do it. Obviously they play at some point. Never thought of the “invite only” Thursday’s. Thanks for the tip.

Why doesn’t TriPeaks make it so a leader has the ability to block someone from joining their club? Erin would be the #1 blocked!

Every Time I open to public I have Pat, Erin and Kelly first it’s annoying I’m the Leader of Just Do it $ with the same name Pat I thought she or he was just picking but nope when you open to public just know it’s a part of the game that chaps my hide we just carry on posting don’t shame them they will change their name sorry for venting I started adding them to my friend list rather they accept or not it was surprising

Unbreakables leader is a club hopper!

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You all understand that the hoppers are actually helping you earn the awards right? They typically max or get close to maxing out on the harder quests and help your team earn the reward faster and more easily. They are NOT stealing anything - it does not reduce your reward in ANY way except that they help you ensure you earn it. We welcome the hoppers/travellers to our team.

You are all being ridiculous…simply let them know that you do NOT want help and they will not come back.

You may need some therapy or step away from the game,stop being insane in the forums

They do! Its called INVITE ONLY

You dont know that as fact and its time for you to get your own life and your own focus on yourself and stop trying to play Tripeaks detective, try to shame anyone or be the nutcase you seem to be! PLAY YOUR GAME,SET INVITE ONLY,why are all these slanderous posts being allowed?
No idea about "Pat"and dont care but often a player will try a club, play a bit then see the club is not a fit for them. Not EVERYONE who doesnt decide to stay in a club is trying to steal your perks

How does anyone steal the perks? All members get the same reward when the week ends, regardless of the number of members and regardless of the individual contribution. In other words, the prize is not split among the members.

Erin is one of the common names. You might end up blocking the potential good player.

We set club on public in case someone wanted to join. Every single day, a player named Leonardo would join andeave within secs. He would come in and check perk status then leave. Nope never helped a single time. So come Thursday we also changed club back to private. That way he could not just join, collect and leave. If someone is joined to help your team, they should communicate that. But this guy 2 or 3 times times a day. Not today ghost rider

I have those names also. Add to list—Livia has hopped back and forth on my team four times this week.

I don’t know what this means why would you do that? I am in a club and most of them don’t play for weeks. What should I do because I want to move but it sounds bad. I am pretty new to the game and need a teacher really to show me what to do and what not to do. If anyone wants to help could you help please

Lol I’m having issues with Leonardo RIGHT NOW! He comes in and just gets all the daily rewards for our perks. I will start setting to invite only when we complete our 6

We make sure ours is on invite only in Thursday, before reset.