Kindle update problems

I noticed my Kindle app was updated today. The app kicks me out as soon as it loads. Cannot play a game or do anything. Anyone else having this prob lem?
I have uninstalled and re installed twice and t

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That’s the same exact with me!

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I don’t think it’s that, a LOT of people are having problems with the game, crashing repeatedly.

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Today? More specifically this afternoon?

For me, it went wrong immediately after the update.

Me too, I had the app open all morning and not one issue and then I noticed the update and ever since it kicks me out of the app after like 10-15 seconds.

Yes! I am seeing it on Facebook too alot of kindle users are having issues


Oh ok, at least that’s something! Now if it would just fix itsself! :frowning: Update!! The game is now working for me , if no one has checked recently

Still not working for me, lost daily binuses, daily login rewards total and will get kicked out of club if this carries on!

Exactly the same issue for me.