Keeping track of items received

When we receive coins we can watch them transfer to our total, although it can be confusing. During the last few weeks, I’ve been ill, I have noticed that it doesn’t seem to add the free plays, wilds cards, red star boosters all the time, and short of doing a screen shot every time you play its impossible to watch your items grow, or not as we open chests or gifts! Is there a way to create a line atop of the rewards page, that when we open a chest, we could also watch our items move to their spot, keeping an accumulation for such items. That way if someone buys a chest, you could see your totals change as you open new chests bought or won. Plus daily bonus gifts. I know I have changed my buying habits. But the accumulation of several items don’t add up. Just a suggestion for a great game. To make it easier for our Tripeaks community! Thanks.


Great idea. I was even thinking of a link where you could see all your boosters like they do in Candy Crush!


Since they changed the quest screen, we can no longer see our bank growing. I miss that. A display of our bank and boosters on that screen, and when we open chests, would be so useful!


Can someone tell me how to “take a screen shot” ?

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Thank you. I have an android. Samsung Galaxy 8. What do you mean pulls down from the menu? Are you talking about the Menu button in the upper left corner of the game screen? I do not see anything to help me take a screenshot.

I just did that before I got your response. For me I have to simultaneously hold down the volume down button and power button. It works but it is quite awkward. Thanks! I had thought that getting the screenshot of the game was accessed through the game itself and not by my phone specifically.

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I’ve never seen where you can screen shot through the game.

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You can take a screen shot of where you are at in the game or some specific area of the game. You have to find out how to take a screenshot with the device (phone?) you have. The ad videos that you can watch, usually 5 or 6 a day and win free coins has been completely unavailable to me for 2 days now. I wanted to take a screenshot to show tech support what I am seeing. I am also getting frustrated because it seems as though I cannot win a game any more. I was doing ok, winning and losing about equally. Sometimes I make a stupid move. But now it doesn’t matter if I do everything right, there aren’t enough cards to play, or I am not given any playable cards. Who wants to play a game that you can’t win. This wasn’t happening to me at first and I have moved on to Tiki Skies in the 3 weeks since I started playing. Now I can’t even seem to win the easier, earlier games.

Sorry I misunderstood. I thought you were looking for a screenshot link in the game. I understand your frustrations about winning and losing. I go through streaks. I built up my coin and booster base so I can ride these waves. Keep your chin up. You will start winning again. Have you sent in a ticket to support through the game about the ads?

Thanks. Yes, I did and the support guy was not helpful. I am still unable to get any ads to win free coins. He sent me a list showing that I had watched ads on the 10th, but that can’t be. All day yesterday and now today the same thing. I contacted them again and am still waiting for a response. I did think at first there was a screenshot link in the game and found out it is via your device.

Push the on/off button and the button at the bottom of your phone at the same time.

the further you play in the game the harder it is, wait till you get to Tiki Seas.

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I don’t always get the coins for daily quest etc.I also get to the end of a quest with time left and I finish quest with whatever I may be playing It says times up.I know I had time left.So Wrong.

When I wanted to learn how to do that, I Googled it! I found the help I needed.

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Already did it. Thanks!

I agree that there should be a way where we can see out boosters in an inventory list or something like that, without actually having to be playing the game to see them.


I have also gone through this. They send me a picture saying I got the lost items, but I never got them. Also playing on my ipad I don’t know how to do a screen shot so I can’t even prove I didn’t get these things.

Hi @Weezy, I don’t have an iPad, but I found this. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

I’ve had the same issues over theast few weeks. 4 or 5 requests into support, and ZERO response. :confounded: