Keen UK players wanted 30k +

We are looking for a few recruits what can hit decent numbers around 30k + players but what can also hit around 300 + tributes a week and always take part in club quests and also be able to to chat through the chat as we all talk and love the game.
If you think could fall into the family what we are and can get them targets please send in the requests.
We say uk players as we have a few USA players and want some different time zones as the uk players what work in day could do with the people what can make there points up for when they finish work and hit there targets etc.
Also we are a platinum club looking to move up the ranks to diamond league when got the right players… send in the request as the right players will get spots we full at moment but when the requests there will be slots open!!!

3 spots available left hurry with request we called aonnynkelly

Sonnynkelly we are called