KatyP Crew looking for ONE!

KatyP Crew! A friendly, competitive team looking for 1 great addition. We’re making another trip to the TOP! We are following the Club of the Week circuit and are determined to be #1 in the world of every rank stone through diamond until we reach legend. We did this back at the start of this year and are ready to do it again.

We win ALL CQ’s and ALL perks everytime. We’ve only lost 4 CQ’s since January. We accept BIG TRIBBERS only.

Most on our team have been with us since early on, but it’s always difficult filling the last few spots with awesome players.

We range from 1.2 to 1.6 million cp’s a week. Goldie by Saturday sometimes Friday. 1-2-6-5-3-4.

No dig, must max cq’s, 5k a day minimum score (will be higher for platinum and diamond), 1% or more tributes (10 tribs per 1,000 cp’s), we have lots of knowledge and have a great group. Must pull your weight and communicate.