Just very mad right now

Amount of coin used for extra cards is outrageous. I don’t use extra coin unless I really need to finish a game. Last night I had ONE card left ONE and forgot to open a few chests for wilds and it took 21,000 coin to get ONE card. Normally I wouldn’t go this far but I wanted to see exactly how bad GSN would do us. After that I let my team know I was just going to be in a resting club for awhile. I lost interest. I have over 5mil coin but that was an eye opener. I’m mad. I play daily at least 5 hours total I’d not more (with 2 accounts). This game make tons of money so need go this far. And don’t tell me it’s luck of the draw. Seldom do I win a game without using boosters or wilds.


I agree. Not sure why the cost of 5 extra cards is twice more than new game cost.


What really gets me is that in the past month I have had to buy 2 sets of extra cards to solve the hand, and that may not solve it! GSN is getting more and more greedy, taking the fun out of playing this game!


Yes I buy extra cards and it has become a bit outrageous :roll_eyes:
Sometimes it’s 20to30k before I can clear that last card, and other days I get it it on the the first buy.
On bad days I can lose 1million coins in a short amount of time :cry:


I agree, you need to use too many boosters or wilds to win a game, especially the one to dig for gems. It’s almost impossible to earn shovels without using up your entire stock.


I’m in need of players Wales Limited U. No time wasters please

Sadly, as long as people pay to play, nothing will change.


They are nothing short of being Rip-off and scam professionals I have even seen the same damn cards come around again and again without getting the ONE CARD I needed it was always the same denomination but never the one that came b4 or after the one I needed, and attempts to get these algorithm relying on jacktards to Pony up on earned Compensation individually and as one of my club quest participants, is nothing short of prostating myself to them, like I’m a humble servant of the Gods of Screwing Players is what I have to do each time, and only to be given some lame ass reply with them backpedaling with BS type excuses meant to Quell my thirst for vengeance, on them. I say we file a class Action.


With me also, I don’t like it , it sucks, I think I should stop with the game, only money is importment


I agree. My game crashes after loading hands i never play. Crest rewards dont come everyday. I thinking of taking my team out too

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I’m interested in joining. I play 3 to 4 hours a day. I would like to add however that I was bumped from 2 other teams. The problem is I don’t know way I was kicked out. That’s one of the problems with this game. There is no communication. If you’re interested et me know

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communication is key…read our rules…easy peasy…if ya like join up.

I’m leader…club name is Lucky Starz

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Punisher is my avatar name for team play…

Wine Time is looking for new daily players

Have you tried chatting? To the right there is a tab with a white bubble that has “…” (ellipsis) in it. That is how you communicate with your team and how they communicate with you. As a leader, if the person does not communicate by day 2, they are removed.

It is terrible! I never go for extra cards anymore. So many times 1 card left and you still do not get one to match.


I agree, getting extra cards ridiculous!


I feel the same. I’ve totally lost interest.

I got bumped too - thought I’d been kicked out of team for no reason. I snuck back in with a different name - turns out they thought I’d left !

Game can bump you off teams for no reason - apparently it’s more common than you think.

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I agree. Everything is too much $ and the prizes are less than what it takes to earn them. Becoming not fun anymore.