Just My Two Cents

I just looked at today’s Facebook post regarding chat and as per usual there are some nasty comments. People flipping out on the FB page about the forum have probably never used a forum and/or don’t recall a time prior to social media. I assume even a current text based sites like Reddit is a challenge for many . Chances are things that can not be expressed via emoji are too complicated for them. I am not being a smarty pants, I am dead serious.

In the last year, through some various offline situations & interactions with people young and old, it became apparent to me that a large swath of people who go online only go on via an app. Even worse, many do not know how to use or what a browser is, much less a search engine. It is like we have gone back to 1995 AOl dial up but with better speed

I am writing to say I like the forum. It helped me find my current team, troubleshoot a few things, as well as acquire some online pals to share coins with. I also like to help when I am able. I do know the forum model is something I gravitate towards because I have participated in then for work and hobbies,as well as some heavy stuff like grief. Hell, even food chunk of my social media friends were once all connected via a forum a friend set up for those of us who hung out in the same music social circle back in the day. As I write I am one of a hundred people working on a collaborative beauty product soon to launch…in a forum

I hope the nasty comments don’t dissuade y’all. I got a glimpse of the behind the scenes work that goes into making video games while temping in the late 90s:Oberserving the artists as well as the fish tank of beta testers… I know a lot has changed, but i’d imagine at it’s core there is a lot that is the same. It is a business, a competitive and fickle one.

Anyway, that was more than two cents, but know your work is not for naught & the little things keep me playing.

Edit: what prompted me to even write this was someone felt compelled to call the app folks the “c word” and I personally wanted to say, “it is just a game, chill” but with folks like that it is best to ignore them.


At first I thought difficult keep in mind I never had social media accounts or games nothing of sort before 3 yrs ago I used computer for work only . Never had MySpace anything so fb was difficult at first to me but I’m getting the hang of it now n not so difficult I used to feel like I missed a LOT in here now I see it tells you how many things unread n missed things that is awesome I feel so much better now


I totally agree. There is no reason to use language such as that on a social media post. Thanks for sharing.


Hey jessnc, I also caught the “c” word in that post. Wanted to ask if they kissed their moma or their babies with that mouth but I left it alone. Didnt figure they would appreciate the southern wit!

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Unfortunately, the “C” word is quite popular with millennials and swearing on social media has become the norm.
I will say I struggle with the forums. I’m not very tech savvy, and the little differences amongst different forums makes it a challenge for me.

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I sorry didn’t see the c word thing but they do get pretty argumentive on thereits sad I just try not to let things people irritate me

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