Just like everyone else, looking for new playersz02

    • Play every day, have fun, chat. I don’t have rules yet, and I hope to never have to make them. Come join Merry’s Misfits and relax! 02/16/2021 I am still looking for a few good player’s. People interested enough to play & chat every day, that will also participate in the side games like clicking on the lock for a club gift. Most of us are friendly people that like to chat! If this sounds like you, come and join us in Merrys Misfits!

Rule: Appendment -

We are looking for a couple of players. We only asked that you can do 12,000 Club Points a week. And only 50 tributes a week. Easy, peasy.
We have the rule that you do not need to play the competition, but at this time we have 16 qualifiers and 8 non-qualifiers, so we need a player that wants to PLAY THE COMPETITION.
But warning if you qualify for competition and do not play we will burn you at the stake, lol. So qualify, then please play.
Note: we dig one hole at a time so please do not start another hole until we get gold. Person whole strikes gold can start the new hole.
Players are in different time zones, so it is nice to partner up with a player that plays about the same time as you. Just ask who likes to play about the same time as you and partner up with them, so you do not have to wait for players.
We like being in the Platinum league and we stay consistently in the middle. We have players that score more than the minimum so no worries of dropping a league.

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