Just Jen looking for new team members!

I, along with a few others, are original team members from 2016. We would love to have some new team members that go for tributes and want to have fun collecting rewards. We are casual, don’t chat a lot, but enjoy each other’s company. Come join us! Bearly from Just Jen


Hi my name is Char and I would like to join a club for fun . I play daily and hunt tributes the most. I had a run of 348 days. And my phone reset so I lost it. Time to find a club that likes to play together.
Thanks , Char

Hi! Did you find a club yet? We are looking for new members at Just Jen. We would love for to join us. We like to play together. There’s not a lot of chat, but as club leader, I do most of that. We definitely need daily players. Totally understand about the phone reset. Just happened to me last week and I was up to 375 days. It was heartbreaking! Just Jen would like for you to join us.

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That sounds great. I do play daily some days long than others.thanks for the invite. Let me know when and where . I’m excited to play with a group. I’ve been playing with 5 or 6 but dont get to far. Lol

Hi this is Char I would love to join you all. At just jen. Do I request that or wait for an invite? Thanks. Char

Perk Smashers would love to have you! We are currently 1st in the Gold league. We require 20k/300 trib a week, communication is mandatory. We usually complete all 6 Perks and most CQs and love to help/encourage each other. Come check us out!!

If you are still looking for a team we are a good team. We have a 20000 a week requirement as well as you have to do quest. And can’t be idle over 24 hour without tell us. We use chat and have a message group to chat so we can keep track in case someone needs to be gone for extended period of time. We would love to have you give us a chance. Team Warriors. Cherie Reichuber King