Just Fun is looking for members

We are a Platinum level club that recently had several members leave due to life situations. We are looking for daily players that can get 6,000 cp daily and/42000 weekly. We typically do very well on digging, get all chests and cq but recently are low on players. Feel free to join us! We understand life happens and are not a team that will boot you if you let us know. We want to move back where we were for years.

I an currently on a platinum team that requires playing all Club Quests. Your rationale about not playing all makes sense depending on the payout. I am considering changing clubs. When is the best time to do that?

We accept players at any time and adjust requirements. We do ask for 3000 cp before inactivity when you first join due to many coming briefly to collect prizes with minimal cp

Right now I think I have 9443.

I’m in BeautifulMinds as Pamiepoups if you want to check me out.

I am looking for a club that digs and gets the important Club Quests! Sounds like your team may be right up my alley!