Juke Box Tiki: 7/7/22 - First Concert?

Let’s hear it! If you can still hear, that is. :wink:

What was your very first concert? Did you enjoy it? Tell us about it below for a chance at 100K Coins, 10 Free Plays, 5 Wilds and 5 Volcanoes, chosen and awarded next week at random!


James Brown the dancing

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My fist concert was prob new kids on the block

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Alabama at Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling, WV. I remember thinking the lead vocalist was really cute.

My first concert was Goo Goo Dolls and was awesome! Vanessa Carlton opened, followed by Third Eye Blind.

Liberate!! 16 bday and I asked to go for my birthday!! He was amaxing!!

Michael Jackson, Best dancing & lightshow ever


U2 in Paris at the Hippodrome. 85ish Parents couldn’t say no when you’re thousands of miles away…:wink::wink::wink:

My first concert I was only 4 years old, we went as a family to see Porter Wagoner in the summer of 1971. What I remember most about it was it was an outdoor concert and all the rhinestones that he had on his clothes, lol.

Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones I was 15 and they put on a great show. Detroit at Cobo Hall. My parents let me go they were music lovers also.


I saw Bruce Springsteen in NJ many years ago before most people knew who he was. Best concert ever!

Led Zeppelin in Chicago, decades ago!


Ozzy Osbourne and motley Crue in Omaha Nebraska… very first concert the drum beat u could hear for blocks
Bark at the moon and shout at the devil tour

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Van Halen, 1981 Asheville, NC

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My first concert was Hinder and Black stone cherry. I didn’t know what a 'mosh pit" was, but I’ll remember to never due that again!! Lol

The 1st concert I went to was Beatle Mania! :heart:

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My first concert was Taylor Swift

Silverchair was my first ever. The only thing that I can remember was how far away we were from the stage. We were the second to last row. Never again!

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Bon Jovi and Skid Row 1989 Biloxi, MS