Join us and our unique style of play

We need 2 daily players to join our club. We currently have a weekly rotation. Week 1 we play hard, starting with perk 6. Week 2 we enjoy 1 - 5 and watch for the special. Week 3 is all about building stash. We will help you become a multimillionaire if you are not already.

We expect daily play, keep up with the chat, and fit into the 15 scorers with an average of 25k per week. Communication is key if you cannot play. We have fun and it feels like family.

Are we the right team for you?


That sounds like a great way to play! It’s so fun to see the different ways to play tripeaks!

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Hi @Sandy do you still have openings?

Thank you CindyLu, for helping LisaAnn and I connect.

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Yes, Lisa… I replied to your message.

Good morning Sandy. What is the name of the club?

Our name is Lottsa Perks and it will show Totem Isle is required and by invite. Will you show up as LisaAnn?

@LisaAnn I’m am sorry you are not getting my messages. Apparently, this site is smarter than I am. That’s why one of our co-leaders is our techie go to.

Are you still interested?

Good morning @Sandy and thanks for getting back to me. I am going to continue to look at different options…maybe just build up coins, but thank you for the offer :blush: