Join Talking heads..

Are you looking for a new team?

We are looking for new members who are willing to communicate as well as play as a team.

Rules are not hard to follow:
7k per week, 35 min tributes pw, no idle over 2 days unless communicated, Play cq, play competition but take turns digging, new players must get 500 points before idle, Work on the same perk as whole team and anyone called guest please change your name. :slight_smile: really simple rules.

If you want to change something mention it in the chat and we can discuss as a team

Our team is called:
talking heads…

Please feel free to check us out :slight_smile:

If you’re willing to do your part and communicate we’d love to have you as part of our team


Yes I am looking for a new team to help and support with the team goals and help to win