Join RockyMountains

Great club looking for new strong players! We have been in diamond league for about a half year but unfortunately we dropped to platinum last week because we had about 5 players that after a long time quit playing. We want to go back to diamond league as soon as possible and therefore we need YOU. If you are a daily player, love to play, get min. 40k weekly and min. 15k by Sunday (72 hrs), max/contribute to club quests then please join “RockyMountains”. When we are on full strength we score 1.200-1.400k weekly. We are an international team with members from US, Netherlands and Australia so there is always someone playing at at every time of the day.
Request to join or on Friday/Saturday just join (public).
Hope to see you soon!

I am searching for a new club and yours sounds promising. I typically get 35,000-40,000 weekly so a skirting close to your minimum. I also only play once a day late eastern standard time (around 8:30pm) and get 5000-6000 points before quitting. I am checking in throughout the day to get coins to play in one big burst. I had a team kick me off because I didn’t play during the day and they didn’t give me time.

Is this a deal breaker or am I okay to join?

You sound perfect for our team. Please join Winners only.

Angalyn no deal breaker. If you get the minimums. We have more players that only play once a day.
But at the moment we are full, sorry!