Join GOLD for Fun,Competitiveness&Friends♡

We are a Casual, Relaxed Friendly Club called GOLD (CAPS) looking for a few members to fill up our last few spaces. Although we aren’t a Demanding Club we do Expect Club Quests, Perks to be completed &Tributes to be Collected. Max24hrs idle but if you need time off all we ask is that you give us a reason. We are a friendly bunch with busy family lives We are hitting up to Perk6 with only approx 20players so we can do alot more with a Full Team ~ So Please join us and see if we are a Good Fit for you. Looking forward to meeting you ♤◇:heart:♧ the Only suits you need to wear:-) Hope 2cu soon!:heart::black_small_square: Ur Welcome to PM wth any Qs@RowenaGmer on FB

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