Join Baby Shark!

Come join my club, “Baby Shark!” We are currently a Rookie League team, but that’s because we were created 4 days ago. In these 4 days, we have reached 215,000 club points. I’m confident that we will move up to Gold or Platinum League. We require 4000 club points a week, and we have 5 open spots. We also have the Tribute Trapper quest, the reward is 330 gems, and it only requires 9 members to get 23 gems each. Our team is all about having fun!


@someone, welcome to the forum. Best of luck to you in filling your team!

Now that’s weird I’ve been playing for years and I’m never got that many in my life unless you pay money

I did and you are a great leader. We are now in stone league

Thank you for joining! What’s you’re name in solitaire?

I had to leave because of my addiction! I may rejoin at some point. I’m having withdrawals from not playing on 3 teams. Your
Team was supposed to be for fun and I got too serious. Now can you guess who I was?

I’m pretty sure I know who you are, you were Kitten. Thank you for all of your help when you were on our club!

I also had to stop playing, I got very addicted

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Yes you guessed right someone! I still play on 2 teams as Coach on Dogsrule and DogsRule teams. Join us on one if you choose!

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