Join a winning team! Lyn's Uk aLe

Looking for a club that doesn’t have high level requirements, but is serious about weeding out nonproductive players? Do a club search for

Lyn’s UK aLe

Expectations are regular tribute finds, club point earnings, and coordinated perk workings a few times each day. You are not expected to bust your wallet for this club.

18 hours idle will get you a walk on the plank. (Without a chat line letting us know you’ll be away)

Nothing mean about the boot - we just want team members who are as dedicated as we are. :slight_smile:

What do you consider to be high level requirements?

Right now, minimun daily expectations are 10 tributes, 1000 club points.

Oh, you started a club! I’m sorry! I’m looking for members as well.

We’re building a great team. Rising fast already.

Minimum daily expectations:
10 tributes, 1000 club points, claim the daily gift

Idle-over-24-hr slots will be culled.

Our new team is doing very well! Top 3 in the first day! We’ll climb those leagues nice and fast. Join us, and we’ll do even better!

Daily minimum: 10 tributes, 1000 club points, claim club gift
24 hours idle = walk the plank (unless you leave chat note for being away)

Lyn"s Uk aLe

We have slots open still. We are a new team, blazing our way upward! Want to be part of a club that works reliably every day and culls out the non-contibutors before they become a burden? Come find us, the #1 Rookie club! (Not Rookie for long!)

Lyn’s Uk aLe

Daily minimums:
Claim club gift, 10 tributes, 1000 points

24 hrs idle without chat notice of absence = walk the plank

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Looking for a very active club that doesn’t require crazy intense numbers? We’re still looking for a few good players!

We took 1st rank as a new Rookie club last week, and are starting this week strong at 1st rank in the Wood league. And we’re not stopping there!

Active players will be happy!

  • 24 hours without chat notice = walk the plank
  • unlock shop gift
  • 10 tributes daily min
  • 1000 club points daily min

Trying to find you. I’m interested.

Why go there mate we are 2nd in gold nearly on perk 6 there little thos where you joined