Issues with the Update 8/31/18

I updated the game today (8/31/18) and now I cannot play the game. I keep getting a message to update. I have logged out & logged back in and even shut my phone off to reboot. Anyone else having this issue?

@Bunkywarren, please try rebooting your device

@Bunkywarren - I encountered the same thing. What worked for me was uninstalling & reinstalling the game, quick & easy - no probs after that. Even if you aren’t playing with your FB login, you should still have all your progress & earnings saved (according to Tripeaks).

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I am having the same issue. The app tells me to update the game to continue playing, but there is no new update available. I’m frustrated because I play everyday.

@Shelly4k Did you try what I mentioned worked for me - uninstalling & reinstalling the game? Sometimes a fresh install is all it takes. For me & several others, that’s what worked. Try it, shouldn’t take long.

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Yes, thank you! I was afraid I would lose everything was I was afraid to delete and re-install but I did it and it all worked out. Thank you again :blush:


YAY, glad it worked for you as well! :grin: Hey, no problem, happy to help.

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