issues with the game

Any one else wish they would have spent their time fixing all the problems in the game instead of creating this forum?


Hi May - different teams work on different things. Nobody who works on the game itself had anything to do with the Forum (except to look at it and provide feedback). I’m one of two people that did work on the Forum - and I can guarantee that you would not want me attempting to fix any issues within the game. :wink:


I personally love this forum! I also love how the game is evolving and progressing… good things come to those who wait :slight_smile:

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Tiki-Tahd, Need a LOL button here. Good job on the Forum!


Anyone know why my game suddenly started taking me to to login EVERY time I open the app? It never did that before but over the last couple weeks it started and is every freakin’ time since it began. So annoying. Takes longer to load (even when I close it and don’t actually login with facebook). Also uses my data plan. Cannot figure out a way to get it to stop. Anyone know why or how to stop it?

Has anyone found a way to fix the issue of not being able to send or receive coins? A couple of my club members have had this problem for at least 2 months now. They are getting no help from support, have tried all the usual uninstall/reinstall, log out of Facebook, all the normal things that support suggests. They are long time players and this is really frustrating for them. Thanks in advance for any help.

We appreciate your effort Tiki-Tahd so thank you.

There do seem to be odd problems that people are randomly having that go for prolonged periods of time (months even) and they aren’t get help from support.

Currently one of our long term players is having to reboot the game every 4-5 games, she can’t chat, just to get into the game at all she had to open an entire new FB and then oddly (but nicely) her game had transferred over… yet now she has all these issues. She has done every possible suggestion ever given on here and known to long term players. She is a 100k+\week player and is ready to quit…super super frustrating…

So it would be more than fabulous if the gamers would read our voiced game issues on this forum and explain to all of us how to fix these issues. That would DEFINITELY make this forum an invaluable resource…

Can you PLEASE try to make this happen?

Thank you so much and for all that you do!!!

Shellie (Sports Bar)

One more thing Tiki -Tahd

If they did this above suggestion it would very likely cut down significantly on the many help requests that they get… increasing customer satisfaction as well as save them work hours!!!


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