Issues with logging in or connecting to Facebook

A couple members of my team are having issues with the game logging them off. One of my members was logged off and put back to the beginning of the game and all of her progress is gone. It’s also not showing her our club anymore. She has written to TriPeaks for help but is anyone else having these issues? The game for me won’t reconnect to my Facebook.

Since Facebook has changed their privacy policies, it has caused many issues for players, support is really good. It may take a few days, but they hopefully will get your friend reconnected. Just in case you don’t have it, here is support email

Yes, Yes, Yes! A few of my team members are having this issue…

Hopefully your club members figured it out. Mine started at level 1 when they weren’t able to reconnect through tripeaks. This has been an ongoing issue through this game. Other games with fb connects aren’t having this issue. I don’t think it’s professional or accurate to blame fb, especially since it was going on long before the information breach.

It is accurate because ever since facebook did the privacy update, it caused nothing but trouble for my game. All games are not designed equally, some more complex than others. When games are mostly focussed through facebook it is an issue when facebook updates, it upsets the game. Once I set my privacy settings for thus game it has run smoothly

It is contingent on the privacy settings each person chooses for third party apps. For example, I deleted all mine, readded the game and unchecked the option to include friends, only my TriPeaks friends remained. A good resource with info on privacy settings is This game is one of four apps I kept. You also, as of last week have the option to go back through any deleted apps to request your info be purged by each of those apps. I know this may or may not help you figure out the game snafu, but I am pretty certain the friend access might be part of the problem.

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