Issue with not being able to see cards over star bar

So I have had an issue with a whole bunch of levels with this problem. I can’t see the cards at all under the menu bar thing and it’s bombs and things up there so I can’t see them… I’m basically wasting coins and/or boosters trying to beat levels when I cannot see the cards. I’m super dissappointed because I spend a lot of money on this game but I don’t know how to resolve the issue and I feel like I’ve lost so many coins and boosters (or had to buy volcanos to beat these levels since I can’t see cards) anyone else having this issue. It’s only on certain levels since the bar updated. Mostly having issues in the expert levels section… but I’ve beat all other levels so I have no where else to play :frowning:


I had not had any issues, but I see in your post you mentioned expert levels, I honestly hadn’t played expert levels in ages, so I gave it ago, and yeppers! I have have the same issue. Looks like an oops on their end. If you could send a ticket under game glitches along with your screenshot so the developers can fix it. Thanks for catching this! If you could be specific too on what level it was doing it, they can fix it quicker


I agree at times it hides the corner closest to your left hand if ur using a cell phone facing you…::

But I also find that when poi is bouncing around and telling you how much coins you got and that… it takes up my time as I’m trying to beat the level as fast as possible. I love poi and this game but I find if I get a big streak I am almost cursing him and begging him to move outta the way🙀