Issue with chest purchased via gems

This is the second time I have saved my 1400 gems to purchase the ancient chest, which should reward me between 69,500 and 200,000 coins and13 rewards coins. And again I was shorted. This past time, I only received 29,600 in coins and 10 reward cards. What gives?

You are double counting. The coins cards are part of the 13 reward cards. So you received 3 coins cards and 10 other reward cards for a total of 13. The total value of all 13 cards is estimated by the game to be between 69500 and 200000 coins.


It is definitely miss leading. And considering how long it takes to collect 1400 gems and to ONLY be rewarded less than 30000 actual coins…

Yes it is misleading I did an inquiry about that many moons ago. I now use my gems strictly for boosters or free plays

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The variance of the larger chests is what annoys me most. The first double diamond chest I ever got was incredible. Now the most recent chest only had 21.3k coins. That’s less than some ancient chests! Granted I also did get 6 wilds, which made it a very satisfactory haul for me, so I can’t really complain but I still get annoyed sometimes.:joy:

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