IslandHoppers New Players Needed

Consider joining IslandHoppers…our club motto is that “coming together is just the beginning let’s work together for success!” It’s a casual club for individuals who live real lives but want to get perk rewards and stay up in the ranks. We don’t have an idle rule, but do request that you strive for club points 5,000 by Monday, 10,000 by Thursday. We are mostly a Gold club but recently moved down, and trying to stay at a minimum of gold status.

As the club leader I try to promote communication on the message board but it’s pretty silent. I’m working on changing that through club restructure. I do weed out players who aren’t active after a week if they don’t put a message on the board to notify, because it isn’t fair to the team and holds us back to lose the club points that would be earned.

If you are interested in playing for perks and being on a laid back team that understands you have a life IslandHoppers is for you. Look for Club Leader Adrienne and send a request to join.

My friend Mary & I would like to give you a try after reset. We’re platinum league players fed up with excessive rules and fake friendliness.

Don’t know which one as several with that name.

Friend me on Facebook and I will send you an invite. Would love to have you in the club.

Hi Liz and Mary, I would love it for the two of you to join. I’ve been in diamond and platinum clubs and found them brutal. I’m trying to build a solid club, but one that isn’t unreasonable. Friend me on facebook and I’ll send you an invite. I realize there are a lot of Island Hoppers clubs out there now. hope to see you both soon :heart_eyes:

Liz I saw you were interested in starting your own club. I could really use a couple of co-leaders to keep things going smooth at IslandHoppers too, so hopefully we can get you joined and promoted too.

Friend me on Facebook and I will send you an invite. Would love to have you in the club. We still need new players

I’m going to apply today, I’m fairly certain Mary will come too. Thank you.

I have sent you a friend request Liz van der Kris currently with Wild dragons, so is Mary.