Island Nights Needs Solid players

We’re a group that can’t get it together. We need more for reals kine players. Instead we get these tourists who just come & cruise for the goodies and then the bs starts. Whether it’s qualifying and then doing 0 digs, to not making daily CQs, and don’t get me started about the freaking tributes. That is the most rewarding play we get without the competitions. Not only that, its depleting some of our members stash they use for those competitions that jerks dont contribute to. I just opened to public and will close it down Wednesday to private Caz Thursday & Sunday is show time. Please give us a chance and come play,

•join our Facebook group (only if you’re on FB to begin with

•10k club points by midnight Sunday

•25k club points and 125 tributes by Thursday midnight.

•MAX Tribute quest & NOTIFY in chat (mandatory)

•24hr idle NOTIFY limit play/missed minimum